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+ g.region s=0 n=80 w=0 e=120 b=0 t=50 res=10 res3=10 -p3
+ r.mapcalc --o expr=prec_1 = rand(10, 150) -s
+ r.mapcalc --o expr=prec_2 = rand(20, 250) -s
+ r.mapcalc --o expr=prec_3 = rand(30, 350) -s
+ r.mapcalc --o expr=prec_4 = rand(40, 450) -s
+ r.mapcalc --o expr=prec_5 = rand(50, 550) -s
+ r.mapcalc --o expr=prec_6 = rand(60, 650) -s
+ t.register -i --o maps=prec_1,prec_2,prec_3,prec_4,prec_5,prec_6 start=2001-01-01 increment=1 month
Assigns timestamps and registers raster, vector and raster3d maps in a space time dataset.

 t.register [-i] [input=name] [map=name] [type=name] [file=name]
   [start=string] [end=string] [unit=string] [increment=string]
   [separator=character] [--overwrite] [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet]

  -i   Create an interval (start and end time) in case an increment and the start time are provided

      input   Name of the input space time dataset
        map   Name of the input map
       type   Type of the input space time dataset
              options: strds,stvds,str3ds
              default: strds
       file   Input file with map names, one per line
      start   Valid start date and time of the first map
        end   Valid end date and time of all map
       unit   Time stamp unit
              options: years,months,days,hours,minutes,seconds
  increment   Time increment, works only in conjunction with start option
  separator   Field separator character of the input file
              default: pipe

ERROR: t.register: Sorry, <maps> is not a valid parameter