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Test file./temporal/t.vect.list/testsuite/test.t.vect.list.layer.sh
Return code1
Number of testsunknown
Successful testsunknown
Failed tests0
Percent successfulunknown
Test duration0:00:02.198110

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Standard error output (stderr)

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85..WARNING: Record (cat 18) already exists (not inserted)
90..WARNING: Record (cat 19) already exists (not inserted)
95..WARNING: Record (cat 20) already exists (not inserted)
20 categories read from vector map (layer 6)
20 records selected from table (layer 6)
20 categories read from vector map exist in selection from table
0 records updated/inserted (layer 6)
+ g.tempfile pid=1 -d
+ n1=/grassdata/tests-grassdata/piemonte_utm32_wgs84_grass7/__temporal_t_vect_list_test.t.vect.list.layer/.tmp/fatra/1.0
+ g.tempfile pid=2 -d
+ n2=/grassdata/tests-grassdata/piemonte_utm32_wgs84_grass7/__temporal_t_vect_list_test.t.vect.list.layer/.tmp/fatra/2.0
+ g.tempfile pid=3 -d
+ n3=/grassdata/tests-grassdata/piemonte_utm32_wgs84_grass7/__temporal_t_vect_list_test.t.vect.list.layer/.tmp/fatra/3.0
+ g.tempfile pid=4 -d
+ n4=/grassdata/tests-grassdata/piemonte_utm32_wgs84_grass7/__temporal_t_vect_list_test.t.vect.list.layer/.tmp/fatra/4.0
+ g.tempfile pid=5 -d
+ n5=/grassdata/tests-grassdata/piemonte_utm32_wgs84_grass7/__temporal_t_vect_list_test.t.vect.list.layer/.tmp/fatra/5.0
+ cat
+ cat
+ cat
+ cat
+ cat
+ t.create type=stvds temporaltype=absolute output=soils_abs1 title=A test with input files descr=A test with input files
Creates a space time dataset.

 t.create output=name maps=name[,name,...] [type=name]
   semantictype=string title=string description=string [--overwrite]
   [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


        output   Name of the output space time dataset
          maps   Type of the output space time dataset
          type   Type of the input map
                 options: raster,vector,raster_3d
                 default: raster
  semantictype   Semantic type of the space time dataset
                 options: min,max,sum,mean
                 default: mean
         title   Title of the new space time dataset
   description   Description of the new space time dataset

ERROR: t.create: Sorry, <temporaltype> is not a valid parameter
ERROR: Value <stvds> out of range for parameter <type>
	Legal range: raster,vector,raster_3d
ERROR: Required parameter <maps> not set:
	(Type of the output space time dataset)