test.t.rast3d.extract stderr

+ g.region s=0 n=80 w=0 e=120 b=0 t=50 res=10 res3=10 -p3
+ r3.mapcalc --o expr=prec_1 = rand(0, 550) -s
+ r3.mapcalc --o expr=prec_2 = rand(0, 450) -s
+ r3.mapcalc --o expr=prec_3 = rand(0, 320) -s
+ r3.mapcalc --o expr=prec_4 = rand(0, 510) -s
+ r3.mapcalc --o expr=prec_5 = rand(0, 300) -s
+ r3.mapcalc --o expr=prec_6 = rand(0, 650) -s
+ t.create --o type=str3ds temporaltype=absolute output=precip_abs1 title=A test descr=A test
Creates a space time dataset.

 t.create output=name maps=name[,name,...] [type=name]
   semantictype=string title=string description=string [--overwrite]
   [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


        output   Name of the output space time dataset
          maps   Type of the output space time dataset
          type   Type of the input map
                 options: raster,vector,raster_3d
                 default: raster
  semantictype   Semantic type of the space time dataset
                 options: min,max,sum,mean
                 default: mean
         title   Title of the new space time dataset
   description   Description of the new space time dataset

ERROR: t.create: Sorry, <temporaltype> is not a valid parameter
ERROR: Value <str3ds> out of range for parameter <type>
	Legal range: raster,vector,raster_3d
ERROR: Required parameter <maps> not set:
	(Type of the output space time dataset)