test.t.rast3d.extract stderr

+ g.region s=0 n=80 w=0 e=120 b=0 t=50 res=10 res3=10 -p3
+ r3.mapcalc --o expr=prec_1 = rand(0, 550) -s
+ r3.mapcalc --o expr=prec_2 = rand(0, 450) -s
+ r3.mapcalc --o expr=prec_3 = rand(0, 320) -s
+ r3.mapcalc --o expr=prec_4 = rand(0, 510) -s
+ r3.mapcalc --o expr=prec_5 = rand(0, 300) -s
+ r3.mapcalc --o expr=prec_6 = rand(0, 650) -s
+ t.create --o type=str3ds temporaltype=absolute output=precip_abs1 title=A test descr=A test
Default TGIS driver / database set to:
driver: sqlite
database: $GISDBASE/$LOCATION_NAME/$MAPSET/tgis/sqlite.db
WARNING: Temporal database connection defined as:
But database file does not exist.
Creating temporal database: /grassdata/tests-grassdata/piemonte_utm32_wgs84_grass7/__temporal_t_rast3d_extract_test.t.rast3d.extract/tgis/sqlite.db
+ t.register -i type=raster_3d input=precip_abs1 maps=prec_1,prec_2,prec_3,prec_4,prec_5,prec_6 start=2001-01-01 increment=3 months
Gathering map information...
Registering maps in the temporal database...
Registering maps in the space time dataset...
0..Updating space time dataset...
+ t.rast3d.extract --o input=precip_abs1 output=precip_abs2 where=start_time > '2001-06-01' expression= if(precip_abs1 > 400, precip_abs1, null()) base=new_prec
+ t.info type=str3ds input=precip_abs2
+ t.unregister type=raster_3d maps=prec_1,prec_2,prec_3,prec_4,prec_5,prec_6
Unregister maps
Unregister maps from the temporal database
0..+ t.remove type=str3ds input=precip_abs1,precip_abs2
Note: registered maps themselves have not been removed, only the str3ds
Note: registered maps themselves have not been removed, only the str3ds