test.t.rast3d.univar stderr

+ g.region s=0 n=80 w=0 e=120 b=0 t=50 res=10 res3=10 -p3
+ r3.mapcalc expr=prec_1 = rand(0, 550) -s
+ r3.mapcalc expr=prec_2 = rand(0, 450) -s
+ r3.mapcalc expr=prec_3 = rand(0, 320) -s
+ r3.mapcalc expr=prec_4 = rand(0, 510) -s
+ r3.mapcalc expr=prec_5 = rand(0, 300) -s
+ r3.mapcalc expr=prec_6 = rand(0, 650) -s
+ t.create type=str3ds temporaltype=absolute output=precip_abs1 title=A test descr=A test
Default TGIS driver / database set to:
driver: sqlite
database: $GISDBASE/$LOCATION_NAME/$MAPSET/tgis/sqlite.db
WARNING: Temporal database connection defined as:
But database file does not exists.
Creating temporal database: /grassdata/tests-grassdata/piemonte_utm32_wgs84_grass7/__temporal_t_rast3d_univar_test.t.rast3d.univar/tgis/sqlite.db
+ t.register type=raster_3d --v -i input=precip_abs1 maps=prec_1,prec_2,prec_3,prec_4,prec_5,prec_6 start=2001-01-15 12:05:45 increment=14 days
Gathering map information...
Registering maps in the temporal database...
Registering maps in the space time dataset...
0..Updating space time dataset...
Update metadata, spatial and temporal extent from all registered maps of <precip_abs1@__temporal_t_rast3d_univar_test.t.rast3d.univar>
+ t.info type=str3ds input=precip_abs1
+ t.rast3d.univar -e input=precip_abs1
+ t.rast3d.univar -s input=precip_abs1
+ t.remove -rf type=str3ds input=precip_abs1
Removing registered maps